Welcome to Peyper & Son Brickworks!

We're a master-craft institution and brick manufacturers, specialising in the production of a range of world-class building materials, bricks and concrete construction components.

Our manufacturing capabilities span all forms of brickwork, from standard building supplies to specialist paving bricks.

The Peyper & Sons Brickworks premises are fully-equipped to service all facets of the brickmaking industry. We have a dedicated quarry, with a range of internationally endorsed brick making machines and manufacturing technologies. 


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Bricks We Provide

Maxi Bricks

Paving Bricks

Stock Bricks

At Peyper & Sons Brickworks, we provide solutions in:

Maxi bricks

Paving bricks

Stock bricks

Bevel edging

Bevel paving

Brick manufacture

Our guarantee is to supply a product that will ultimately produce only the strongest, sturdiest buildings and walls.

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More About Us

At Peyper & Sons Brickworks, we've built our operational procedure on the promise of ensuring the utmost quality in the paving brick product we supply, as well as the guarantee of a fully client service-dedicated business approach.

Our capabilities as specialists in paving bricks and building component materials are wide-ranging and cover all requirements in brickworks.

At Peyper & Sons Brickworks, we manufacture our products in-house, using the latest technologies in brick making machine capabilities, coupled with our artisan knowledge and brick making experience gained from decades in the paving bricks industry.

Our service is truly world-class, and our paving bricks and comprehensive range of brick products all come with a guarantee of top-quality and value.

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